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VELYKE VUHO (BIG EAR), acoustic workshop

Big Ear hears something what others don’t hear, he hears not only too far, but also too close. He hears how bad thoughts romp, not finding place to themselves, how joyful thoughts briskly dance. He hears who are winged and inspired by thoughts, and whom they press to the ground and inhibit to breath. Big Ear also hears own thoughts, and them are easy like a blow of spring wind, and surprising, because he does not stop to wonder that there are so many different sounds. 
Dzvinka Matiyash, «Tales of Pyatynka»


The studio works on creating sound accompaniment to fairy tales of Dzvinka Matiyash, which are as much as the letters in our alphabet. The children (age 4-10 years) catch, invent and produce sounds, and adults narrate, record and process them. Using different familiar things — paper and foil, cups, plates, jugs and pots, cones and nuts, which can whirr-hiss-rattle — kids find sounds for «how bees build honeycombs, how wings of butterflies tremble in the air and legs of insects stomp, running on the water, how sparrows clean their beaks and how cat’s moustaches stir, when he sneaks to sparrows». Everytime arsenal of sounds increase, because each participant find and add new sounds.