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October 5-7

Special project Skladanosuryadni
Coordinator: ArtPole

within the framework of Arsenal Book Festival


It consists of three multidisciplinary projects in the center of which is placed modern Ukrainian literature. This is a new dimension of text that goes beyond the book into a concert, show, and performance. Directors, composers, artists make up their own works keeping close to the text and at the same time individually interpreting it. The presence of the authors is extremely important during these three evenings. Writers sometimes are transformed into storytellers, sometimes – into observers, but mostly into the main characters of their own works who wander in search of meaning and form and find themselves at the crossing of visual, musical, and poetic. Each evening the area of Arsenal will be changed depending on the mood and atmosphere of the works by so much different writers.


Olena Kostiuk / Taras Prokhasko
+ Ensemble Nostri Temporis

At the Arsenal Book Festival the performance with Taras Prokhasko will be presented for the first time. The work is built on the principle of a “broken mirror”, i.e. it contains fragments of texts, songs and visual representations perceived as parts of dreams or memories. The elements can be interchanged, superimposed, and this leads to changing of an image like in kaleidoscope. But the reflection remains unchanged. So, this is the play. The Play with Time. The performance consists of old Ukrainian songs and texts by Taras Prokhasko, contemporary classical music, and video-painting.



Yuri Andrukhovych / Karbido
+ vj-grop CUBE | ArtPole | Hermetic Garage | MixAllOffTunes | Ela Birylo

The idea is to create an intermedia lyrical and musical program intensified and by visualization in different forms and manifestations on the basis of the novel “Perverzion”. The novel is focused on a mysterious story of poet and traveler Stanislav Perfetsky who appears in Venice, the city of ghosts, and then, having experienced a number of fantastic adventures and vehement love, disappears forever from “the apparent surface of the world”. The authors of Absinthe think of it as of an original sound track to the film based on “Perverzion” and done by an unknown director (Perfetsky himself?) but that has never been edited. Multilinguism and polysemanticity both in direct and figurative meaning.



Sergiy Zhadan / Sobaki v Kosmose

Zhadan has been working with the ska band Sobaki v Kosmose from Kharkiv for five years. In course of time, the sound of the project has undergone significant changes. From lyrical ballads and satirical compositions the collective turned to dirtier, more dynamic sound and acutely social lyrics. Today the musicians play social disco-punk, and the heroes of new songs by S.Zh. and SVK are recognizable – representatives of Presidential Administration, members of parliament, officials from Ministry for Emergency Situations and Ministry of Defense, clerks from regional, district and town councils. In general, the project will continue performing life-asserting music for the protest electorate.


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