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November, 12-15


November 12 — Ivano-Frankivsk, beginning at 7 p. m.
November 14 — Rivne, beginning at 7 p. m.
November 15 — Lutsk, beginning at 7 p. m.
DakhaBrakha from Kyivand Port Mone from Minsk will present The Khmeleva Project. This program at the beginning of this year whipped up the biggest concert halls of Ukraine which didn’t have the capacity to contain all those willing to come. Let’s bring to mind the history of the project. The first pieces were created in the village of Khmeleva amid the hills of the Dniester canyon, near the present location of the ArtPole Festival. This music is associated with the idea of joint creative experiment that was offered by ArtPole, the initiator of The Khmeleva Project. “It can't be called a new genre yet, but it's certainly a world detached from the contemporary music realms”, “a real art event on the border of music ideas, philosophical thoughts and emotions”, “the magnificent joint program” – these are the reviews on the project from the music critics. Today DakhaBrakha have under their belt joint projects with the world-famous musicians, and without exaggeration the band itself is known from Europe to Australia. Having experimented with the Ukrainian folklore, the group added to the folk music the industrial world rhythms, creating a bright and unique image. The instrumental trio Port Mone, according to the admiring critics, can “with only three instruments unite the essence of the modern musical culture legacy from rock, ambient, psychodelic, and extraavantgarde experimental music to pop-music into brand-new stylistic form”. The world emerges from chaos, the music arises from the soul of folks – this is the vision of DakhaBrakha. The basis of the creative concept of Port Mone is that music is in everything, and that one can always hear and feel it, and then organize the surrounding acoustic chaos.


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