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dom Master Klass education & Culture (Кyiv, Lavrska str., 16)
beginning at 18:00

Ticketsprice: previous sale — 100 UAH, can be purchased at,, and at theatre ticket offices in Kyiv; on the concert day — 120 UAH

It’s unique music event, research and discovering across archaic Ukrainian songs and new improvisation music.


Ultramarine is a deep sea color. Deep means a dip into the tradition. Sea is an element of the compositional development of the improvisational music. At first this project seems like strange mix of two different worlds – the Ukrainian song tradition and contemporary improvisational music. But when you listen to it you absorb into amazing powerful sound game which includes fine songs and energy music waives, harmony and conflict, approaching and removal. This unforeseen combination gives acute feeling of life fluency and at the same time constancy infernal rules. Improvisation likes our being’s mirror is fooled of chaos, drama, gladness. Songs are transmitter of the knowledge about us and spice.

The project Ultramarine includes ritual and solo songs as well as psalms. The ritual songs represent our physical, terrestrial life. The solo songs are the statements in the world by the humans; they bring to the edge of the feelings, hopes, experiences; they demonstrate the being and often give support. The psalms talk about our desire for the present; they are a journey that blurs the differences between the old and new, the past and the infinite.


The project participants are:
Ulyana Horbachevska — the Ukrainian singer, actress, artist, author of project’s idea. The source for her works are traditional songs and old ritual tunes. She is the author of the project Solospivy (ArtPole’2011), Bylina and Mosaic.
Petras Vyšniauskas (saxophone) — the most famous Lithuanian jazz star. He is also a composer and founder of the projects Ganelin Trio Priority, Petras Vyšniauskas Quartet, Poksis, Forever, etc.
Mark Tokar (contrabass) — the key figure of the Ukrainian improvisation music. He tours a lot in Europe and Asia. He is a participant of such well-known projects as Ken Vandermark Resonance Project, Undivided, Five Spot, Four, Varpaj.
A new jazz musician from Cologne Klaus Kugel is one of the most resourceful and interesting European drummers. He plays in different projects with Karl Berger, Bobo Stenson, Perry Robinson, Arkady Shilkloper, Matthew Shipp, William Parker and others musicians. He is the founder of the well-known jazz label Nemu Records.