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February, 28 — MARCH, 7


February, 28 — Lviv, Coralli Gallery
March, 1 — Rivne, Rivne Philharmonic
March, 2 — Ternopil, Peremoha Cinema Hall
March, 3 — Vinnytsya, concert-hall Pleyada
March, 5 — Odesa, Bernardatzzi Restaurant-club
March, 6 — Kyiv, Kyiv Mala Opera
March, 7 — Chernivtsi, Public Club


The Polish quintet Vołosi is an absolutely new phenomenon at the European world music stage. The band occurred two years ago at the crossroads of music worlds and traditions. Some of them are the classical musicians graduated from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music (Katowice), who dreamed of improvisations and were enchanted by the folk music with its vital beauty and spontaneity. The others are the Gorals (literally highlanders) who play so as if they came from New Orleans of the jazz dawn times. During these two years the Vołosi managed to charm audiences in Germany, Georgia and showed themselves up at the most eminent fests of Poland. The quintet has become a real discovery of the ArtPole’2012 International Festival and in the beginning of the spring they will come to Ukraine for the second time.
It is not by chance that Vołosi come here at the very start of the spring, and it is significantly in time as their music is like the first blow of March wind that awakes the trees, breaks the ice and makes floods. Proficiency of the highest level is combined with easiness and the energy with classic elegancy. In the hands of these passionate virtuosos a cello, a bass and few violins create the music that have something enormously native and unusual, unknown and subtle.


The tour is arranged thanks to the support of the Polish Institute in Kyiv.
The title partner of the project is Persha Pryvatna Brovarnya (The First Private Brewery).
Info-partners: TVi Channel, magazines "Expert" and "Kraina", HeadHunter, bookstore chain "Ye", restaurant chain Chelentano.


Concert in Kyiv / official video