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March, 13–20


Uzhgorod, pub Cactus — March 13, the beginning at 19:00;
Chernivtsi, Public Club (Golovna str., 265А, Shopping Mall DEPO't, 3rd floor) — March 14, the beginning at 19:00;
Zhytomyr, Kavomania — March 15, the beginning at 20:00;
Kyiv, book-café Babuyin — March 16, the beginning at 19:00;
Lviv, Dzyga (ethno club of achievements) — March 19, the beginning at 20:00;

Kolomyia, rock-bike-café Katrin (blvd Lesi Ukrainky, 10) — March 20, the beginning at 19:00.


This Czech duet combines saxophone and Australian didgeridoo, but to say so is too plain description as for the Deši. It’s about a real dialogue between wood and metal, folk and professional European music tradition, man and woman. The project breaks the frameworks of jazz, funk and ethnic music. One more Deši’s peculiarity is hidden in their approach to the harmony. Unlike other bands using didg only as a rhythmic instrument, like percussion, Deši’s didgeridoo is a full participant of composition as it interacts with the winds and strings at the timbre and tonal levels and therefore completes a comprehensive dialogue between melody and breath.


Here it is said about different didgeridoos as Lukáš Pilnaj who studied in Europe, India and Great Britain is a well-known maker of overtone instruments, and he takes a real collection of his own creations for the gigs. Eva Žižkovská prefers a baritone saxophone and clarinet.


The Ukrainian audience is familiar with the duet as they performed at the ArtPole’2012. This year we prepare a new edition of the festival and in the same time take up the baton of the Deši’s tour for you to recall the unforgettable atmosphere of the music feast in Unizh. So we call you for the next 5-day art non-stop. Welcome the Deši in March :)


The partner of the project: The Czech Centre.