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literary and musical performance

September 8, Chernivtsi – international poetry festival Meridian Czernowitz.
September 11, Kyiv – international festival of modern art ГогольFest, artkluster «Vydubichi».

Yuri Andruhovych: «Performance «Albert» was created based on eponymous story, which one time will be included into the book about prominent reprobates of all the times. In the centre of our action – story of Albert Vyrozemskiy, crook and thief. To avoid death penalty he agreed to give his soul to the devil, but agreement, signed with blood, for some reason had not worked – and a certain autumn day in 1641 he was publicly burned in the middle of Lviv Square Rynok. We will try to play Albert’s story in the spirit of medieval morality, leaving in the final signs of question which turn into signs of hope». «Albert» will combine experiments with intonations and senses of the author of text Yuri Andruhovych, singer Uliana Horbachevska, contrabassist Mark Tokar and dynamic graphic of Anatoliy Belov.
Video: vj-група Cube; sound: Viktor Novozhylov; idea of project: Olya Mykhailiuk.

The project is supported by program і³ of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation «Development of Ukraine».
Project partner — "Khmeleva" Group of companies.


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