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International festival of modern art ГогольFest
art-cluster «Vydubychi»

14:00, Street music stage — Unizh-Tseh (free enter)
16:00, Cinema hall — spectacle «Albert, of the Highest form of execution» (enter 70 UAH, tickets and, and also in ticket-offices)
22:00, Big music stage — Gutzul Magik Foundation (free enter)
and also in Program for children
12:30, Auditorium, co-working — workshop from paper-cut «Me+mask»

GogolFest — is exactly that platform where multidisciplinary projects, born on ArtPole, could occur in their new urban form, moreover slightly improved and developed. On GogolFest ArtPole Agency for the first time will present three performances which in future will probably be associated with new wave of Stanislav phenomenon. They engage three well-known charismatic personalities from the city Ivano-Frankivsk, this time – in cooperation with talented musicians and painters from Lviv, Kyiv, Moscow…


Yuri Andruhovych – writer and translator, direct participant of Stanislav phenomenon, who once blew up general view of Ukrainian culture by his new postmodern form. Andruhovych continues to experiment a lot, often acting not only as author of texts but also as singer, and as actor. On GogolFest you can watch this during the spectacle «Albert, of the Highest form of execution», based on his new story. «Albert» — game of words, intonations, gestures, which appears in adventurous, risky and at the same time harmonious interaction with wonderful musicians – contrabassist Mark Tokar and singer Uliana Horbachevska. Performance is completed by delicate, ironic and shrill graphics of Anatoly Belov, which comes to life thanks to the work of vj-group «CUBE». Audio atmosphere of the action is supported by sound engineer Victor Novozhylov.  The author of idea of the project – Olya Mukhailiuk – promises that during GogolFest special attention will be devoted to music and intonation nuances, unlike other shows here everything will be restrained and minimized, but no less deeply. (The project is supported by program і³ of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation «Development of Ukraine».)


Oleh Gnativ (Мох) — guru of Orchestra of joy and happiness «Perkalaba» this time will demonstrate his own weapon against the fear, developed together with Moscow actor and musician Prohor Alekseev – audio and visual performance GutzulMagikFoundation. Ancient hutsul incantations become an organic part of modern musical context and are enforced by wildly colored, sometimes poison-violet or dangerously-pink video projection, highlighting the way in afterlife. Visualization: vj DaPix. Mandatory components are expressive movement-dance and sounding of a live instrument. Easily absorbing this mix of authentic and electronic music, you can find yourself inside the transcendental disco, which always arose in your dreams. And then feel how many self-irony, openness and mutual joy is needed to not be afraid of the darkness.


Yarema Stetsyk — an author of idea and head of all-Ukrainian movement of spontaneous choir creativity «We Are Singing How We Can», former musician of «Perkalaba», designer-philosopher, who fights against spoiled tastes of our city planners with all available methods – not only developing amazing art projects, but also creating songs like «Laminata — shit», and then performing them with the choir which he can organize during any mass event. On GogolFest Yarema will play with the most powerful and most touching his project «Unizh-Tseh», which consists of the carpenters from the village Unizh. With help of screwdrivers, hammers and other instruments, which are sounded during real men work, they will execute audio compositions and build useful wooden things. What will be better – process or result – we don’t predict, but it will be exciting show for sure.

All the three projects include sacral, afterlife, irrational which usually revealed to us in relation to everyday, which, in turn, includes irrational, afterlife, sacral. All the three performances will be about real and fictional, black and white, good and evil, and of course, about presence of one in another.

«Unizh-Tseh» doesn’t try to analyze dark-light, and offers simply do ones job and not slapdash while playing for God. In return Yuri Andruhovych hero Albert (thief? monk? comedian?) is ready to give up his soul to the devil in order to avoid death penalty, but causes a strange sympathy and provokes to ask a lot of questions to yourself. «Andel sits on his right shoulder, Judah – in left shoulder, angel whispers in right ear, Judah – in left», — tells one of the incantations of Gutzul Magik Foundation. With faith in the victory on all the fears with help of light and colored forces we begin!