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January 15—21

Vołosi Christmas Tour

January 15 — Kyiv, Contemporary Art Center «М17»
January 16 — Kharkiv, art-club Pintagon
January 18 — Alchevsk, Palace of Culture of Chemists
January 19 — Zaporizhzhya, Palace of Culture of Kirov

January 21 — Odesa, club-restaurant Bernardazzi


Every concert of Vołosi band becomes a charge of life-affirming energy and joy, which flies away from the strings of their violins, cello, double bass like festive and fairy sparks... We invite you to start a year inspiringly and emotionally, catching the last flashes of holiday spirit with Vołosi Christmas Tour.


Members of the band Zbigniew Michalek, Jan Kaczmarzyk and Robert Waszut – folk musicians, Highlanders from the areas where the borders of Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia meet. Krzysztof and Stanislaw Lasons are graduates of The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, enchanted with folk music which they heard in their childhood in the surrounding mountain villages. So in flows of Balkan, Carpathian and Transylvanian motives Vołosi easily weave classical melodies of European composers, combining elegance and virtuosity of playing with ease, spontaneity and extreme emotionality.


The band appeared at European world music scene after triumphant participation in the festival of Polish radio «Nowa Tradycja» in 2010. Unexpected combination of classic standards and folk motives had impressed audience and critics so much that Vołosi won three awards at once: Grand Prix, Audience Award Burza Braw and Czeslaw Nemen Award. The next year band gained grand prix for the best world music composition from European Broadcasting Union (the biggest association of broadcasters in the world). Nowadays the amount of fans of the band is steadily increasing, and not only in Poland, but also in Georgia, Denmark, Germany and Great Britain. In Ukraine band became a real discovery of the International festival ArtPole’2012, confirming its success by sold-out performances in seven Ukrainian cities.


Vołosi Christmas Tour covers five cities: Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya and Alchevsk, where band will play for the first time, and also Kyiv and Odesa, where Vołosi already performed with great success. By the way, video from Kyiv concert will be the basis for new DVD – fragments of this concert can be viewed here.


Tour is supported by Polish Institute in Kyiv.


Photos in Mstsykhovskiy's manor