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literary and musical performance

February 18, 19:00Ivano-Frankivsk, Puppet Theatre
February 19, 19:00Ternopil, «Peremoha» Concert Hall
February 21, 19:00 — Kyiv, Molody Theatre
February 23, 19:00 Zaporizhzhya,Palace of Culture of Kirov
February 25, 20:00Odessa, «U-Cinema» Hall



Yuri Andruhovych — text, voice
Uliana Horbachevska — voice
Mark Tokar — contrabass, voice
Anatoliy Belov — graphic
vj group «CUBE» — video
Viktor Novozhylov — sound
Olya Mykhailiuk — idea of the project


This performance — a game of words, intonations, gestures, which appears in adventurous, risky and at the same time harmonious interaction of writer, who acts here not only as author of texts, but also as singer and actor, with wonderful musicians. Not accidentally musicians precisely from Lviv join the story — contrabassist Mark Tokar and singer Uliana Horbachevska. Performance is completed by delicate, ironic and shrill graphics of Anatoly Belov, which comes to life thanks to the work of vj-group «CUBE». Thus premiere of literary work occurs not in printed form, but in format of literary and musical performance, which provides improvisation in music, graphic, stenographic and light solutions. First shows occurred on the biggest Ukrainian festivals — ArtPole, Meridian Czernowitz and ГогольFest.


Yuri Andruhovych, writer
Performance «Albert» was created on base of my eponymous story, which one time will be included into the book about prominent reprobates of all the times. In the centre of our action — story of Albert Vyrozemskiy, crook and thief. To avoid death penalty he agreed to give his soul to the devil, but agreement, signed with blood, for some reason had not worked — and certain autumn day in 1641 he was publicly burned in the middle of Lviv Square Rynok. The Olya Mykhailiuk’s idea to combine this text with exactly these performers and precisely this visualization is something greater and more significant than just direction. It’s creation of special art synthesis, discovering of hidden possibilities of text, about which even me, its author, had no idea.


Uliana Horbachevska, singer
from interview for article «Halytskiy Correspondent»
New dimension — music, provoked by text... Or sometimes moments «between» arise: between music, actor impulse and text… I wonder inventiveness of Olya Mykhailuik, who brought together such different things. Anatoliy Belov – graphic, Mark Tokar free jazz, improvisation, Yuri Andruhovych literature and Uliana Horbachevska traditional music, theatre. Oddly enough, it precisely worked. Everyone came to the project from own territory and told the story in own way. We create together, interact, but do not blend… something like that. 


Serhiy Zhadan, writer
«Albert» astonishes first of all by its simplicity and accessibility. You shouldn’t wade through it, but feel it. You shouldn’t decipher it, but its worth to watch it to the end. Since simplicity and accessibility, proposed to the viewer, open only to those, who love and know how to listen to the stories — scary, stunning and tender. Or just to those, who love and know how to. It’s like the Bible stories. In sinners’ retelling.


Olha Zhuk,
curator of International Arsenal Book Festival
Quite possible to instance «Albert» explaining what is Gesamtkunstwerk — total art, which is based on synthesis of different forms of creativity, when the sum means much more then its components. It is something Book Arsenal aspires while working with ArtPole: to deep immersion, interaction with literature, it’s openness and sensitivity to other forms of text — visual, musical or plastic. Text of Yuri Andruhovych, singing and vocal improvisations of Uliana Horbachevska, animated graphic of Anatoliy Belov, direction and scenography of Olya Mukhailiuk — comprised amazing alchemy, which melted genre of medieval morality into a fully modern story. For me – story that we moved not so far away from the Middle Ages, about cruelty with which society exterminates “otherness” and takes revenge for its moral values.


Olexandra Andrusyk,
curator of concert agency «Uho»
«Albert» has very strong music «rear», created by Mark Tokar and Uliana Horbachevska. Mark is a key figure for Ukrainian improvisation music scene, person, around which more than a half of Ukrainian projects at the new music and free jazz intersection are wound up. Uliana — one of the strongest Ukrainian vocalists working in the genre of traditional singing. Mark brilliantly intones, integrity of everything that happens on stage, greatly to his credit. Uliana — accompanies, sings, instigates, reads, shouts and whispers everything what is needed to be shouted and whispered about «Albert». As a result — very alive and delicate audio frame, for project, in the center of which text is, it’s great rarity and great success.


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