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MAY, 2 / MAY, 8


Mstsykhovskiy's manor
Seleznivka / Alchevsk / Luhanska oblast


supported by Polish Institute in Kyiv, Austrian Cultural Forum and Petro Poroshenko Foundation
regional partners: landscape company Green Terra, art space da_sein
informational partner: Platforma


The events of recent months encouraged ArtPole to continue research of Ukraine and Ukrainians through language, music, landscapes. So this year we planned not one but three events — located in three most geographically remote locations. Our authors — traditionally — from all over Ukraine. And other countries. All three events are assumed as creative labs where new projects will appear and you will listen and hear them for the first time. Being sure that precisely in live interaction understanding and trust — so necessary now — will arise, we begin.


MAY, 2 / 16:00-22:00
• performance MARKS vol.1
Serhiy Zhadan (text, voice), Olexiy Vorsoba (accordion), Vlad Kreymer (sound)
• space-sound installation MIRROR hot pоint
Olena Kostiuk
• • drawing geliographity together with Volodymyr Bakhtov


MAY, 8 / 16:00-22:00
• performance MARKS vol.2
Аndrea Handler (dance), Olexiy Vorsoba (accordion), Vlad Kreymer (sound)


landar-objects: Yaroslav Kozyara, Vitaliy Kokhan, Volodymyr Bakhtov


Space around the manor requires prudence and precaution at every step — like local garden with old oaks, fog and yet unknown for us creatures. The garden existed here even before an entrepreneur Kasimir Mstsyhovskiy decided to build a mansion. For this task in 1905 he invited an architect Serhiy Ginger who later entered the history as the author of many buildings in Saint Petersburg in modern and neoclassicism styles. In soviet times beautiful building was used as recreation base, women's colony, narcological clinic. After that — theft and destruction. And only few years ago people, who can’t be indifferent, decided to purify this space and fill it with new meanings. It turns out that it is possible. The building is still functional, moreover, miraculously saved elements of decoration — parquet, stucco molding in the dance room, cabinet, winter garden, and also two fireplaces lined with Turkish tiles and oak, and above all — huge windows and lots of light.


Luhansk – Donetsk – Minsk – Vienna – Kyiv
author of idea: Olya Mykhailiuk


Everything started from the idea to create specially for the space of Mstsykhovskiy's manor performance Rozdilovi, where poetry, music and contemporary dance will exist changing and supplementing each other, giving to work and space openness, unpredictability, spring draughts. How they will combine — the results of our lab in May 2 and 8 will show.


In this work there are He, She and dividing lines, which exist on the Earth serving as distances. Difficulties of traveling once made them a factor of undeniable reality. But every day less and less time is needed to overcome space, besides you can write to each other every second, you can send pictures and images, you can call and hear voices. They are doing all these — writing, listening, moving to each other, at the same time — in different spaces, in one space — in different time, like in our case. That’s why project consists of two parts. In the first one — this space will be filled with his words, in the second one — with her movements. Herewith the music will always exist. Sometimes they consciously trace dividing marks, sometimes somebody — very cruelly and painfully — makes it for them. They never meet. But... suddenly one morning all borders and lines will completely lose sense, melt and nothing will remain from them, NOTHING at all...


Our project is devoted to very subtle and elusive matter — the matter of tenderness. Talking about tenderness is as easy as senseless. That’s why there is a temptation to use in the conversation not words but separate letters, not music but separate sounds, not dance but separate movements. Actually, tenderness is separate movements, — Serhiy Zhadan.


MIRROR hot pоint
Olena Kostiuk: Project had appeared three years ago as a deep protest against disappearing of HUMAN. The time, which had started to dissolve any kinds of borders, actually started to play against something very important: «The idea of the project arose from old photos of Ukrainians… What was always attracted me on these pictures — people’s view. Their condition. I don’t know why, but the way they are watching provokes me to ask who are they and, thereafter, who am I. I realize the fact that they are people of my land, I connected with them. But this is already my past, it really does not belong to me already. Then what provokes me? Definitely it’s not a suit or fact that they are Ukrainians. It’s something that is related to my basics, human basics. A great need to «talk» about it, and sometimes even «shout» about it appeared while watching on our transformation from alive humans to plastic dolls made in China. It is a worldview disease, and globalization — the process of worldwide integration and unification — plays a significant role for this. Human without name appears. And nameless person is unhappy person, is nobody».
And suddenly these exhausting months of struggle… Lustratio. Catharsis through immolation. We all have passed through it together, starting from that autumn — already so far time. And we are going further. And it’s nothing else, only a miracle, in the center of which precisely Human is. Already mentioned view, condition… It’s not because of «suit», language, generation… What’s the matter? There is something what never disappears. It can be hided, constricted. But not disappear. It’s an atom, which could revive the whole universe. Just an effort of real will — and a miracle happens. And there is one more thing. Bound is vitally important. It protects the core. The borders should be protected. Indifferently, what the size of territory is. It’s not the matter. It is important not to violate the bound.


Inspired by landscapes, which whimsically combine natural and industrial motives, one of the most famous Polish landartists Yaroslav Koziara developed a special project — Butterfly Constellation. According to author’s sketches it will be implemented on one of the neighboring slagheaps by local landscape designers. Kharkiv painter Vitaliy Kokhan is also preparing a project. Volodymyr Bakhtov, famous as an author of heliograffiti technique – drawing by live fire in live space – invites to join to the space reconstruction in such a way all comers. The mere act will remind mystical dance, but the photocameras will record completed fire pictures.