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Kyiv, Conservatory


After long pause DakhaBrakha and trio Port Mone from Minsk will again meet in Kyiv to play «Khmeleva Project». This program certainly gathered biggest concert halls in Ukraine and still didn’t place all comers. This time, besides the already known compositions, musicians will present several completely new ones — specially for this purpose they will meet here a few days before.


Let’s remember story of project creation. First compositions appeared in the village Khmeleva near Dnistrovskyi canyon, which evening colors brightness looks like mountains of North American states. Musicians have been isolated from the outside world to open up to each other and look deep into themselves. Long rehearsals, surrounded by white flowered trees, red clay hills and restless spring birds, have transformed from an experiment to the whole chapter of modern history of Ukrainian music.This music is associated with the idea of joint creative experiment that was offered by ArtPole, the initiator of The Khmeleva Project. «Genuine art event at the junction of musical ideas, philosophical thoughts and emotions», «common program of amazing beauty» — that’s phrases from project reviews.



Concerning to participants, DakhaBrakha, which is the most famous Ukrainian band in the world nowadays, doesn’t need presentation. Experimenting with folk, DakhaBrakha added to folk music rhythms of industrial world, creating bright and unique image. PortMone, using three instruments, submits a new stylistic form for quintessence of modern musical culture — at the intersection of classic, noise, experimental music and folk. The last visits of trio to Ukraine are connected to various creative collaborations — they are known, for example, by media performance «Marks» with participation of Serhiy Zhadan and cinema performance «Bread».