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MARCH, 2015

literary and musical performance

Yuri Andruhovych / Uliana Horbachevska / Mark Tokar
video: vj group «CUBE» / sound: Viktor Novozhylov / graphic: Anatoliy Belov
idea of the project: Olya Mykhailiuk


March, 13 — Ivano-Frankivsk, Puppet Theatre
March, 15 — Kyiv, Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine
March, 17 — Dnipropetrovsk, Theatre «Кryk»


Yuri Andruhovych:«Performance «Albert» was created on base of my eponymous story, which one time will be included into the book about prominent reprobates of all the times. In the centre of our action — story of Albert Vyrozemskiy, crook and thief. To avoid death penalty he agreed to give his soul to the devil, but agreement, signed with blood, for some reason had not worked — and certain autumn day in 1641 he was publicly burned in the middle of Lviv Square Rynok...» This performance — a game of words, intonations, gestures, which appears in adventurous, risky and at the same time harmonious interaction of writer, who acts here not only as author of texts, but also as singer and actor, with wonderful musicians. Performance is completed by delicate, ironic and shrill graphics, which comes to life.



Uliana Horbachevska:
New dimension — music, provoked by text... graphic, free jazz, literature, traditional music, theatre. Everyone came to the project from own territory and told the story in own way. We create together, interact, but do not blend… something like that.


Lyubov Yakymchuk
From medieval story «holes» are drilled into nowadays — allusions and hints, stylistically combined different melodies and songs. This intertextuality involves the viewer into the game, encouraging him to co-creation... After the performance, the audience applauds standing up... catharsis was experienced even by those people, who thought, that they were not able to feel something similar from contemporary art any more.


Information partners: Hromadske TV,, Кnyharnia YE, Ukrainian Week.