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Yuri Andrukhovych / Karbido


September, 6 — Chernivtsi, Meridian Czernowitz, Philharmonic

September, 8 — Ivano-Frankivsk, Puppet Theatre

September, 9 — Ternopil, Koza-Bar

September, 10 — Lutsk, Palace of Culture

September, 12 — Lviv, Poetry and Music Night on the LitFest, Theatre for Children and Youth

September, 15 — Kharkiv, art-club PINTAGON

September, 16 — Zaporizhzhya, Palace of Culture

September, 17 — Mariupol, Palace of Youth

September, 19 — Kyiv, GogolFest


Yuri Andrukhovych: It is almost completed round the world audio journey, 13 intimate songs and 13 compositions-surprises. With those music “karbids” turned to me unexpectedly but, it seems to me, I understood and was involved. After the tour in Poland plus the concert in Bratislava plus the work during a week on the album recording I can say that we created quite graceful, strong and beautiful thing. Those people who saw experimental and raw premiere on ArtPole last summer will be surprised. Joyfully surprised:)


The journey full of danger and tension, imaginary images and stereotypes, confrontation between expectations and reality, between sincere admiration and disappointment, finally — anguish. And hope which appears under the threat of losing a freedom. Being released from the aesthetics of post-rock or the combination of poetry with electronics like in the previous projects, the authors appeal to the sound expression of simple musical forms. The energy of single notes and performance «here and now» takes the form of pure improvisation with jazz-punk character. Yuri Andrukhovych supports this game, separating from his own prose the words and the sentences like a poetic collage. ATLAS ESTREMO is an attempt to reach a frontier of own fictions and experiences where casual schemes and habits die and something NEW appears.



Karbido Yuri Andrukhovych cooperate from 2005. During 10 years of this cooperation albums «Samogon» (2005), «Cynamon» with the attachment «India» (2009) and «Absent» (2013) were released in Poland and Ukraine. Together with ArtPole they made four big tours in Ukraine and visited the main cities and festivals, and also traveled to the biggest literarure events in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.



The tour is supported by Polish Institute in Kyiv. Co-financed from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.