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MAY 22, 2015



Vinnytsya. Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky literary and memorial museum


ArtPole in Crimea had started in October 2011 with the festival Eastern Gate in Bakhchysaray. The audience from all over Ukraine was invited for «the walk through city-garden among mosques, teahouses and fountains…» Before the annexation in March’2014 we couldn’t stay aside, thus went to Crimea to see everything for own eyes, and to support friends. In that time the idea appeared — to organize concerts of trio Port Mone, which became the only artistic event on the peninsula calling for peace and understanding. In September 2014, already without possibility to work in Crimea, ArtPole agency became the initiator of a series of discussions, public lectures and screenings ABOUT CRIMEA in Odesa, in March 2015 joined the organization of Crimean day during International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA. Nowadays we initiated the project Crimea Ukraine :::PATH:::. A year ago, in March’2014 Olya Mykhailiuk as an independent journalist prepared a series of articles for «Ukrainska Pravda» — these materials became a basis for her notes. The last material was completed immediately before Intermezzo, during the May trip to Crimea.


Olya Mykhailiuk: Texts? Pictures? Video interview? Music? Recipes of Crimean Tatar sweets? Or maybe the new story, which will born after visiting Crimea on May 18? That's why I'm going to Crimea. I want to understand what is going on there now. What deserves our attention — among all the materials recorded and written during the last years, including March’2014 we spent in Crimea.
In that time besides a series of materials, published in «Ukrainska Pravda», we (ArtPole agency) managed to organize a concert in Ukrainian military unit surrounded by Russian troops and even to shoot the film for Babilon#13 Crimea: Needless is off screen. Now it seems to be unlikely. And still the keenest question for me remains: if «needless» is going on, do we have to leave it out of the screen? Even if not to say, it sounds in the intonations and music. If not to show, it is even more frightening, because you can only imagine what is there — out of the screen.
Crimea for me means tender touches of the sea, the huge pink sun, coffee as a greeting in Crimean tatars’ café, the smells of juniper and lavender, fairy tales — about a cheerful quince and a sad pomegranate, and sentimental posts before the festival about our dependence on «gladness, rains and sweets». Crimea for me means the attempts to resist to pervasive propaganda, long and difficult interviews, the hiding, doubts-doubts-doubts and question that doesn’t require an answer: what language do we have to keep silence?
Such different past that I can’t compose from it my future Crimea. Last year I was greatly impressed by all these. Nowadays even the offensive phrases pronounced with Moscow accent, or the changes of my friends’ facial expressions while only one mention of Crimea are rather working material for me. But the entrance to the peninsula is prohibited for them, and it’s unclear how long they will not see their land and relatives. Do I lose sensitivity? Maybe. Maybe, specially to go to Crimea now. I invite you. We will talk about needless and how to get rid of it.