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APRIL 14-30


Knarkiv's Municipal Gallery


The pictures of landart objects, created in the different locations of ArtPole festival during 12 years — in Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsya, Odesa, Luhansk regions and in Crimea; the processes of their creation; their «twins» in the spaces of big cities.


Landart objects are created in natural environment using natural materials (water, stones, sand, clay, leaves, ice) and processes (rain, fog, wind, sunshine ...). This direction appeared in the USA in 1960s, when artists turned to a radical change of artistic means. It combined the desire for aesthetic exploration of a landscape with the need to go beyond galleries and museums. «To go beyond» in that case meant «to return» — to the origins and the places of saved ancient traditions. At the turn of the centuries landart gained popularity in Ukraine. ArtPole festival was largely involved in this process — it became the first landart-symposium, where art objects were represented directly (not in the form of documentation) to the audience.


Landart objects, which creation requires a lot of energy and work, sometimes could be destroyed by the nature in a few minutes. Sometimes the territory, where they were created, becomes unattainable, like it happened to Mtsyhovski manor (near Alchevsk) and Bakhchysaray. In this case the only memories are their photos. The best objects, created in ArtPole, will get into spaces of galleries as photos. It is their new life, where the creative energy of artists is joined by the specific perception of the photographer, as well as viewpoints and reflections — in form of texts about the objects which remained only in the imagination.


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