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text/voice: SERHIY ZHADAN


September, 2 — Kharkiv, Planetarium, beginning at 21:00

September, 6 — Chernivtsi, Meridian Czernowitz, Philharmonic, beginning at 00:00

September 10 — Lviv, LitFest, Young Spectator's Theatre, beginning at 21:00


Serhiy Zhadan: «rozdilovi» live their own life, changing as well as the air around us changes. Many words and sentences sound today in a different way, we perceive it quite differently. I think for those people, who remember how everything was started, who had visited the first versions of the project, will be interesting to compare the sounding of poetry and instruments, to compare letters and punctuation.


Olya Mykhailiuk: Somebody loves to write, somebody — to cross out, somebody — to play music, somebody — to listen to the radio. «To love» — the most important verb of our project. New melodies and lines, sounds and colors, people and conditions — in order to get closer, as close as possible, to the original meaning of this word.


Vlad Kreymer: For me project «rozdilovi» is primarily beautiful and incredibly interesting people. And project itself — free reflection, I even would like to say — laboratorial work — which subject is love. Love as complicated multifaceted phenomenon, beautiful and terrible, which revives, destroys, inspires, devastates… The project is very dynamic, it breathes, lives and changes with time which is flowing through us — as well as love. Probably, this is its value — the river without beginning and end, always in the middle of nowhere...