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August, 8
15:00 — “The Azov Greeks”, lecture by Oleksandr Rybalko (Berdyansk Art Museum)
19:00 — concert in Prymorska Square: Bahdasars family group (Sartana/Mariupol), Dzhezair (Simferopol/Crimea) and PUSHKIN! Klezmer Band (Kyiv)


August, 9
12:00 — animation project “My country is Ukraine”(by NovatorFilm)
14:00 — documentary "Waltz Alchevsk" (by Vadym Ilkov)
Berdyansk Art Museum
free entrance


Nowadays Berdyansk, which is traditionally perceived as a resort town, is located near the conflict zone, therefore it requires new cultural contacts for softening the atmosphere, understanding and making a decision. For many Ukrainians the region by the Azov sea with its rich history and unusual names of villages and towns is still a secret location on the map. Therefore, the first part of the Project "ARTPOLE: ENTER the EAST" is the deeper research focused on the traditional art of this region.


On August 8, Oleksandr Rybalko, an enthusiastic researcher and promoter of the region’s history and traditional culture will deliver a lecture “The Azov Greeks” in the Berdyansk Art Museum. After that the Bahdasars family group (Sartana/Mariupol) will play traditional music of the Azov Greeks on the open stage in Prymorska Square. Old melodies of Crimean Chingene (Roma) and Crimean Tatars will be performed by Dzhezair (Simferopol/Crimea). This group was founded by a prominent Crimean musician Enver Sherfedinov during the deportation period in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. PUSHKIN! Klezmer Band (Kyiv) that experiments with folk and continues the tradition of Ashkenazi musicians will play the final part of the concert. "For us the concert in Berdyansk is an attempt to find relatives with whom we lost our contact long time ago. The folklore of Jews, Crimean Tatars, Greeks, and Roma is quite close. They also have common melodies. In many ways they also have common destiny,” said Mitya Gerasimov, leader of the group. “This music is full of joy and enthusiasm that it survived the Holocaust and now it wants to sound in a loud voice again.”


On August 9, our program will continue at the Art Museum with film screenings and discussions with their authors. The project “My country is Ukraine” by NovatorFilm is a series of short animated films about different parts of our country (including Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts) that were created by young directors. The program also includes the documentary "Waltz Alchevsk" that is about Ukrainian and Belarusian artists (Serhiy Zhadan, Aleksey Vorsoba, Vlad Kreymer and Olya Mykhailyuk) during the outbreak of hostilities in eastern Ukraine in May 2014.


The Project "ARTPOLE: ENTER the EAST" in 2015 is a part of Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI) funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).