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JANUARY 14-18, 2015


January 14 — Lviv, Mediateka
January 15 — Rivne, Drama Theatre
January 16 — Kyiv, Conservatory
January 18 — Vinnytsya, Philharmonic


After a year break string quintet Vołosi returns to Ukrainian audience with Christmas mood and new compositions. Musicians easily weave classical melodies of European composers in flows of Balkan, Carpathian and Transylvanian motives, combining elegance and mastership of playing with ease, spontaneity and extreme emotionality.


Already after first performance of Polish virtuosos on the festival «ArtPole-2012», their visits to Ukraine became good tradition. Last year Alchevsk appeared on the map of Vołosi winter tour, and there was a possibility to go to unique Mstsyhovskiy manor situated nearby. Cello and Gural violins sounded in the living room with enter to the garden, fireplace kindled warming the ancient walls and people who filled miraculously saved building. Joyfully, friendly and sincerely – as it was intend in dreams of manor hosts. Then – frosty evening and overcrowded concert hall in Alchevsk. Excited and inspired visitors told that it was a first true concert for the city over many years.



Now Alchevsk is situated in the war zone, manor is closed, music is not mentioned. Remembering that it could be different, with faith in return and new meeting – Christmas tour of Vołosi is devoted to Mstsyhovskiy manor and peaceful Donbas.


Project is supported by Polish Institute General Consulate of Poland in Vinnytsya.
Informational partners: Hromadske TV,, Knygarnya Ye.