About us

The ArtPole agency, founded in 2007 in Kyiv, specializes in creating innovative art projects. Each project opens new opportunities for communication among artists, new methods of working with various art disciplines and, consequently, new forms and senses in modern art. ArtPole collaborates with musicians, writers, performers and artists from different countries. The agency invites translators, cultural anthropologists and philosophers to work together, creating an environment for each project.

The ArtPole agency emerged from the eponymous international festival which took place in different regions of Ukraine for twelve years. The agency further elaborated the festival’s concept which revolved around identities appearing through various artistic practices, as well as experiments, in creative collaborations. The vast majority of the agency’s projects are multidisciplinary and combine literature, performance, music, and visualization. Besides, particular attention is paid to project locations, the latter varying from European capitals to Ukrainian towns on the war frontline to city green zones with their own peculiar characteristics to theaters, universities, museums and military quarters.

The agency was founded by Myroslava Ganyushkina (Chief Executive) and Olia Mykhailiuk (Director). Vadym Ilkov creates video documentation of ArtPole’s events. Scenographic solutions are provided by Natalia Perchyshena. Oleksandr Bukreev and Tetiana Kushniruk are project designers.