Olia Mykhailiuk

multidisciplinary artist

Lives and works in Kyiv. Together with other like-minded people, created the ArtPole agency which has united artists working in various areas, such as painters, musicians, performers and writers. Initiator and author of concepts for various multi-disciplinary projects. Over time, developed her own directing solutions.

Resident of the Center of Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski (Warsaw, 2012) and the International Art Residence Villa Waldberta (Munich, 2015). Grantee of Gaude Polonia (Poznan, 2016).

Currently continues searching for and developing the interaction between various art disciplines, particularly performance, music, literature and video art:

Continues to work individually, creating video-poetic works, installations, performances:

In performances, often tries to explore the primal meanings of certain words by referring to her own system of emotional signs and symbols. Works on the subject of information as such.

Publicistic Cycles

  • Crimea. To Look in the Eyes
  • Donbass: It’s All About Love
  • Approximately Thirty Horrible Days per Year, which proposes a nonstandard view of war from its direct participant, and the essay War in Touch that has been translated into Polish and published in a Ukrainian and a Polish magazines.