The Bunkermuz Gallery (Ternopil, 2014)
Impact Hub Odessa (Odesa, 2014)
Leonrodhaus (Munich, 2015)

Two different video streams are broadcasted on two screens. The first stream consists of mixed coverage from Russian media, the second one contains coverage from Ukrainian media and some YouTube streams recorded at the beginning of the tragic events in Crimea and Donbas. The video focuses on the artistic details of an information war that transformed into a real war. Three thematic parts — the annexation of Crimea, the passenger aircraft Boeing-777 shot down over Donbas, and the use of terms «fascism» and «nazism» in the Russian and Ukrainian media. Is a human being able to concentrate, to analyze, to make own conclusions under such circumstance?

Created as a background for the performance, over time this video became an independent work. During the exhibition «Materials» in Leonrodhaus in Munich, it was installed in the space of the ordinary bedroom with a big TV. Every visitor could feel himself in the relevant Ukrainian informational environment. Just in between.