cut—shut—tore apart

Cultural Center Giesinger Bahnhof (Munich, 2015)

A man born between the sky and the earth consists of 80% water. A man is a part of the environment, inextricably connected with it. A person is watching the sea — quite a common image that represents capacity for appeasement, inaction, observation. This person is me. I want to watch the waves. But they come and CUT my sea off. I feel sad, I don’t want the war, and now I’m watching the sky. Then they SHUT my sky down. I close my eyes and stay on my earth — to imagine and to wait. And then they TEAR my soil APART. And then I — the person — begin to act. In the performance, I interact with one single video image depicting my (Black) Sea and the phrases fetched from news about the events in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. But is it really possible «to cut off» the sea, «to tear apart» the soil, «to shut down» the sky?
Olha Mykhailiuk