Hidden Worlds

Idea by Olya Mykhayliuk and Vadim Ilkov.
Photo by Vadim Ilkov.
Authors of the objects: Petro Bevza, Andriy Gurenko, Myroslav Vayda, Oleksiy Lytvynenko, Ilona Silvashi, Yaroslav Prysyazhnyuk, Anatoliy Belov, Orysya Nychyporuk, Alejandro Guzzetti and others.

The project is a series of photographs of the land art objects created at ArtPole festivals in different parts of Ukraine, as well as their “twins” from big cities that have no relation to art. The project was created on the boundary of the purely natural and urbanized by humans, of art and everyday life, of material and ideal. In this context, the contemplation of a typically urban object gives access to the understanding of the work of art, and at the same time watching the land art objects makes it possible to aestheticize the urban environment, as in the basis for both of them lie schematically identical patterns, basic code information that is passed from generation to generation in a concentrated form. This is an attempt to explore the world not from a point of view of separation and subsequent immersion into one of the characteristics, but in terms of the theory of relationships – what the ancient civilizations were based on (when moving in space and information exchange were minimal) and what we are moving today to (when the information flow reaches breakneck speed).