Irpin. Chronicles of Recovery

Video notes

Olya Mykhailiuk’s video notes are dedicated to Irpen and its residents, who are trying to rebuild their lives after the occupation and combat operations in the city. Even though the war continues, despite our broken houses, mutilated streets, and all the places we had used to before. What is it like to plant a vegetable garden near the ruins? And how to talk about losses now? The heroes of the interview talk about their favorite plants, and at the same time — share the most touching stories.

Irpin became one of the outposts of Kyiv, where heavy fighting took place from February 24. One part of the town was occupied, and the aggressor heavily damaged the other. Irpin was the first to be released – on March 28.

The film is part of the “Irpin. Chronicles of revival” project, which also included humanitarian aid and the arrangement of urban locations affected by shelling.

The video was funded by the European Union, it’s contents are the sole responsibility of ArtPole Agency and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. Partners of the project: Agency proto produkciia, Ukrainian House in Warsaw, IWM Grant Documenting Ukraine, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art