Khmeleva Project

musical project by DakhaBrakha / Port Mone

On the slopes of Dnister Canyon, not far from the last festival location, the ArtPole agency initiated a meeting laboratory of the regular festival participants — The Ukrainian DakhaBrakha and Belorussian Port Mone. The result was Khmeleva Project, a delicately structured and, at the same time, emotionally sensual event.

The first compositions were created directly in the Khmeleva /Хмелева/ village, on the colorful banks of Dnister. The album was finalized in Kyiv and recorded on Toya Studios in Lodz who are well-known among filmmakers by their unique work with sound. The recording was assisted by Polish friends of ArtPole, the Hermetic Garage Foundation.

This collaboration appears very natural. Both teams have undeniable authority among independent artists because of their freedom from any stereotypes. Both create topical music which is born in the synthesis of ambient, psychedelic and Slavic folklore, and is in demand both in their own countries and at prestigious world forums… It is not yet a new genre, but it is a world already quite detached from the contemporary music reality. A genuine art event at the intersection of music ideas, philosophical thoughts, and emotions, a joint program of amazing beauty.

Vadym Kulykov, COMMERSANT

Supported by the Our Format publishing house.