Luhansk – Donetsk – Minsk – Vienna – Kyiv
Serhiy Zhadan (text, voice), Аndrea Handler (dance), Olexiy Vorsoba (accordion), Vlad Kreymer (sound)
author of idea: Olya Mykhailiuk

Serhiy Zhadan: Our project is devoted to very subtle and elusive matter — the matter of tenderness. Talking about tenderness is as easy as senseless. That’s why there is a temptation to use in the conversation not words but separate letters, not music but separate sounds, not dance but separate movements. Actually, tenderness is separate movements.

In this work there are He, She and dividing lines, which exist on the Earth serving as distances. Difficulties of traveling once made them a factor of undeniable reality. But every day less and less time is needed to overcome space, besides you can write to each other every second, you can send pictures and images, you can call and hear voices. They are doing all these — writing, listening, moving to each other, at the same time — in different spaces, in one space — in different time, like in our case. That’s why project consists of two parts. In the first one — this space will be filled with his words, in the second one — with her movements. Herewith the music will always exist. Sometimes they consciously trace dividing marks, sometimes somebody — very cruelly and painfully — makes it for them. They never meet. But… suddenly one morning all borders and lines will completely lose sense, melt and nothing will remain from them, NOTHING at all…

Project is supported by Austrian Cultural Forum.