rozdIlovI. remember nothing

During their residence in Assortment Room, Olia Myhailiuk and Sergii Piliavets created a visualization to a new, now completely abstract, version of the project “rozdIlovI” that was shown at the opening of Kongres Współpracy Transgranicznej (Congress of Cross-Border Cooperation) in 2020 in Lublin.

It’s not the concert, nor literary readings, nor the show. The most significant value of this phenomenon lies basically in the impossibility to define it or put it into a certain framework. It combines several languages, several art disciplines, several countries”. The multi-dimensionality of “rozdIlovI” opens a new, multidisciplinary, way of translation that alongside words reaches also for audio and visual forms, which ensures that the poetry presented in the translations has a chance to retain the pivotal features of the original. “rozdIlovI” is an attempt to find accord through color, line, sound, motion, individual words and their graphic manifestation in different languages. “rozdIlovI” also raises the question of accessibility of a literary work. Online shows make the work accessible from any part of the globe. The work shows up “here and now”, regardless of the physical locations of the participants, be it a stage in Lublin or Ivano-Frankivsk several hundred kilometers apart from each other. “rozdIlovI” becomes a separate language, an art code that links word, graphics, music, and motion translated into a virtual space and filling a tangible communication gap
From the initiators of the show in Lublin

The visual works created during the Lublin show have become new elements of the installation and were demonstrated for the first time at Assortment Room. Work on the objects then continued at the creative space “Khata-Maisternia”, in a search of interaction with the natural environment.

The project was supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and created in collaboration with the Assortment Room gallery and the creative space Khata-Maisternia.

Partners of the Lublin show: Kongres Współpracy Transgranicznej, Lublin Miasto Kultury, Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, Kultura Enter.