When you are thinking about trees

“When you are thinking about trees” is a visual branch of the project rozdIlovI. Installations, video, ink and elderberry on a transparent paper, light hiding among sheets of paper, lay-ups, apertures and semi-transparencies, experiments with form that alter sense.

It was not accidental that the show became the opening event at the creative space Na poshti in Ternopil. From the beginning the project “rozdIlovI” was a “correspondence project” in a sense, and during the shows Olia Myhailiuk used her original technique action writing to create backgrounds that were translated to a screen in real time. These works are a search for the sense of poetry through lines, individual words, intervals, and symbols. As the instrument, Olia uses a pen and intuition, as the material — tracing paper, ink, water, and elderberry juice. As part of a stipend by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Olia Myhailiuk and Sasha Moskovychuk (who joined at the moment of creating the installation) complemented the project with new works. Created in the Carpathians in an interaction with the natural environment, these abstractions relate to the project “rozdIlovI” by little more than just their poetic expression — in one of poetries by Sergii Zhadan, whose texts are the fabric of the project, we find the line “poetry begins where your vocabulary ends”.

The opening also premiered the audio-visual work 07_07 created in collaboration with Minsk sound artist SK.EIN.

Project partners: creative space Na poshti.