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“rozdIlovI” has ceased to exist as a stage action and instead is developed in the virtual space at and The role of writing in the age of digital technologies is a topic actively discussed by literary critics and cultural scientists. Based on the example of the virtual manifestations of “rozdIlovI”, this question can be addressed rather broadly, as they are a unique phenomenon of replaying concurrently tactile sensations and the latest technologies into the virtual space.

During the performances, Olia Mykhailiuk wrote-drew-sketched using a pen, ink and tracing paper placed on a glass table. A camera captured this process from the other side of the glass and the video was broadcast on a screen.

people mostly use tracing paper as an auxiliary material, I use it as the primary one. It speaks. Alongside with ink, I also used elderberries and the brilliant green dye.
Olia Mykhailiuk

On the Instagram page of the project, anyone can become an author, since everyone can share their experiments. In addition, there are regular sections dedicated to letters and signs that are in use or have been abandoned in different languages, as well as some works not found on